About this site

This site is dedicated to 6mm wargaming, a niche within a niche! It is also an experiment.

What’s the idea?

– To create a friendly place where 6mm wargaming hobbyists can go to see each other’s work, leave comments and ask questions. I hope this will become a community

– To offer a permanent place for your 6mm wargaming photos and content. Post them here and then link them to Facebook, Twitter, etc. I find the ephemeral nature of these social media sites constantly frustrating and a more permanent store for our cherished content feels like a good idea

I am happy to set up an account for anyone who would like to post pictures of their work. All I ask is that you are demonstrably a 6mm wargamer. You should be active on Facebook or Twitter posting content about the hobby and the scale.

If you are interested in an account please drop me an email using this link.

Best wishes!