Teppsta WW2

British Armour (Shermans and Daimlers)

Having put some German armour in place I decided to do some Shermans next for them to go up against. 

Eight Baccus 6mm Shermans and 2 Daimler armoured cars are the initial Allied force.

One of the things I had to think about was how to adapt O Group 15mm armour in to my 6mm world. I decided that an elegant way to do this would be to use 2 tank bases for each regular 15mm tank. This has a couple of benefits.

1. The tanks can be positioned side by side when in combat or one behind another when on a road

2. Instead of using a damaged marker I can just remove one of the tanks – so a lone tank is “damaged” (less effective)

IMG 1576

And don’t forget the Daimlers !

IMG 1578

Like for the Panzers, I have ordered some decals – which I am sure will be very tricky to apply.

Teppsta WW2

German armour arrives

Baccus don’t have a big selection of vehicles yet – although Pete is teasing more on FaceBook in the last couple of days 🥳

So the only German tanks they do right now are Panzer 4’s – so I got a few for a test run. Lovely little figures which I believe are a bit bigger than GHQ. 

IMG 1582

This is my first time painting 6mm tanks so I was making it up as I went along! I used a simple light tan (I thought Dunkel Gelb might be a little too dark for 6mm) and then used green and brown inks over the top. 

One thing that I like about the Baccus Panzers is that the turrets have a long pin, which can be bent over once the turret is in place to keep the two pieces attached.

I have decals on order but they will b e pretty small !

I also did a couple of the German 3t trucks.

IMG 1581

Ancient Teppsta

Second Roman unit for Infamy, Infamy!

Over the weekend I finished my second Roman century for Infamy, Infamy! To differentiate them these guys got blue shields. No-one seems to know anything for certain about the colour of Roman shields but there is a line of thought that each century’s shields were differentiated in some way. Perhaps with a unique pattern. Mine got a different colour shield – which I think will work well on the tabletop. 

Each base is 12mm by 6mm.

IMG 1572

The two units look good together and they give an impression of a significant boy of men which is exactly the look I was going for.

IMG 1575

On the back of the bases I put two 7mm dice holders which I will use to track casualties and I didn’t want to use figure removal with such small figures. 

Ancient Teppsta

First Roman unit for Infamy, Infamy!

Although I am mainly focused on my Napoleonic Peninsular War project, I have been unsurprisingly sidetracked by not one, but two other 6mm mini-projects. Both of these are intended to remain small exercises. Let’s see how that goes!

The first of these is 2 forces for “Infamy, Infamy!” By TwoFatLardies, where I have decided to put together Roman and Germans.

Infamy, Infamy! is written as a skirmish game, but I like the effect of lots of small troops on the table so I have decided to use eight 6mm figures for each regular 28mm figure that would normally be used in the game. This has roughly the same footprint. This gives me 64 figures to a base – which is pretty close to a Roman Century, especially if you assume that there wouldn’t have always been 100% of the troops available at any point in time.

I bought some very nice sabot bases from Sabotag3d Wargames Accessories but in the end I decided to fix them all permanently onto a regular base and I added to small dice holders at the back where I can record casualties

I used a very quick painting process, which is pretty much the same as my tip-top very best painting process (!), and did them in a couple of hours. I think they look OK.