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First Roman unit for Infamy, Infamy!

Although I am mainly focused on my Napoleonic Peninsular War project, I have been unsurprisingly sidetracked by not one, but two other 6mm mini-projects. Both of these are intended to remain small exercises. Let’s see how that goes!

The first of these is 2 forces for “Infamy, Infamy!” By TwoFatLardies, where I have decided to put together Roman and Germans.

Infamy, Infamy! is written as a skirmish game, but I like the effect of lots of small troops on the table so I have decided to use eight 6mm figures for each regular 28mm figure that would normally be used in the game. This has roughly the same footprint. This gives me 64 figures to a base – which is pretty close to a Roman Century, especially if you assume that there wouldn’t have always been 100% of the troops available at any point in time.

I bought some very nice sabot bases from Sabotag3d Wargames Accessories but in the end I decided to fix them all permanently onto a regular base and I added to small dice holders at the back where I can record casualties

I used a very quick painting process, which is pretty much the same as my tip-top very best painting process (!), and did them in a couple of hours. I think they look OK.

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