Teppsta WW2

British Armour (Shermans and Daimlers)

Having put some German armour in place I decided to do some Shermans next for them to go up against. 

Eight Baccus 6mm Shermans and 2 Daimler armoured cars are the initial Allied force.

One of the things I had to think about was how to adapt O Group 15mm armour in to my 6mm world. I decided that an elegant way to do this would be to use 2 tank bases for each regular 15mm tank. This has a couple of benefits.

1. The tanks can be positioned side by side when in combat or one behind another when on a road

2. Instead of using a damaged marker I can just remove one of the tanks – so a lone tank is “damaged” (less effective)

IMG 1576

And don’t forget the Daimlers !

IMG 1578

Like for the Panzers, I have ordered some decals – which I am sure will be very tricky to apply.

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