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German armour arrives

Baccus don’t have a big selection of vehicles yet – although Pete is teasing more on FaceBook in the last couple of days 🥳

So the only German tanks they do right now are Panzer 4’s – so I got a few for a test run. Lovely little figures which I believe are a bit bigger than GHQ. 

IMG 1582

This is my first time painting 6mm tanks so I was making it up as I went along! I used a simple light tan (I thought Dunkel Gelb might be a little too dark for 6mm) and then used green and brown inks over the top. 

One thing that I like about the Baccus Panzers is that the turrets have a long pin, which can be bent over once the turret is in place to keep the two pieces attached.

I have decals on order but they will b e pretty small !

I also did a couple of the German 3t trucks.

IMG 1581

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